Wednesday, April 26, 2006

POPPET: My assemblage piece for finding the beauty in everyday objects. Her head and body are a tea strainer, arms spoons handles, legs a nutcracker, hat a cake decorator tip, wings are a cookie cutter, "skirt" a ponytail clip, face is pasted on a bottlecap with yarn hair, and a tiny tin heart.



I've fished the Huntington Pier, and Sunset Beach just a few miles North.

Good Grief! I must be getting old...that was over
six decades ago!

At eighty-one I'm retired to
Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Now I post Blogs. You're
invited to have a look.

carla said...

She's like the enchnated spirit of the kitchen! She's quite lovely:> You must have had a great time putting her together...I do hope you plant to give her a place of honor in your home.

Judy Scott said...

Shes fabulous, Judy x



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